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Shows recent posts about the FocusGTD app.

FocusGTD 3.4.0 new Widget

Jul 19th 2020

A small but nice improvement is the new 1x1 widget that can show you the number of tasks (due, in inbox, ...).


  • FEATURE: new 1x1 counter widget
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FocusGTD 3.3.8

Jun 22nd 2020

This is an minor bugfix release to 3.3.


  • FIX: fixed rare crash when opening today view
  • FIX: fixed thows today tagged tasks when they are deferred
  • FIX: fixed a few rare crashes when navigating…
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FocusGTD 3.3.5

Jun 12th 2020

This is an minor feature and bugfix release to 3.3.


  • FEATURE: it is now possible to create new tags
  • FIX: fixed handling of deleted attachments which caused parsing errors
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FocusGTD 3.3.4

Jun 4th 2020

This is an minor bugfix release to 3.3.

If you were using many different devices and they all got out of sync it could have happened that db…

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FocusGTD 3.3.3

May 20th 2020

This is an important bugfix release to 3.3. Due to upgrade of used libraries it appears that WebDAV support for Apache servers was broken.

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Support Email issues

May 15th 2020

Well that was embarrassing.

I moved my hosting provider and during this process, I had to change the DNS server to point to the new host. In…

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FocusGTD 3.3.1

May 10th 2020

This is a minor bugfix release to 3.3.0. While trying to start integrating dark mode I made a mistake which caused wrong colors to be shown…

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FocusGTD 3.3.0 Attachments!

May 4th 2020

I have worked a long time for attachments support and now it is finally here. For now FocusGTD 3.3.0 only supports attachments in read-only…

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FocusGTD 3.2.6

Mar 19th 2020

This release adds support for floating time zones which was introduced by OmniFocus 3.6.


  • FEATURE: support floating timezones (OmniFocus file format 3.6)
  • IMPROVEMENT: due today tasks that are not yet overdue will show up yellow
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FocusGTD 3.2.5 release

Jan 26th 2020

FocusGTD 3.2.5 small improvements for dropped tasks as well as layout fixes for devices with a Notch such as Pixel 3 XL.


  • FIX: improved handling of dropped tasks within a project
  • FIX: fixed layout of status bar on devices with notch (Pixel 3XL)
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